celeBEERty Death-Match

I had the grand opportunity to participate in the Cele”beer”ty Death-Match event at Gas Full Service Restaurant, located in Saint Augustine, Florida.  The event consisted of 6 gourmet courses, accompanied by two beers each.  Between the two beers served for each course, guests voted on which one paired best.   Continue reading

I’m Sold on Peruvian Food!

Llama Restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida is truly a gem!  The flavors of their foods are undeniably pleasing to the senses and their presentation of the meal is remarkably beautiful.  As each dish came out, I spent a solid minute noticing the fine details of every decorated piece of food on the plate.  As I bit into each bite, a wonderful sensation of modern comfort food spread within my body.  The flavors were unique, yet recognizable.  The food was plentiful, yet not heavy.  It was absolutely perfect. Continue reading