Where In The World Is Ruffles & Macarons?

Here it is – the Bucket List Post!!

Recently I read an article from Travel + Leisure that suggested, with scientific research, that wanderlust is genetic.  After reading, I immediately forwarded it to my parents with all of the travel emojis that I could find.  Reason being, they instilled in me a love for exploring new places and learning about different cultures.  I’m pleased to say that I’ve married a man who I’ve been able to pass this yearning onto.  And I’m even more excited that he’ll be able to accompany me on my bucket list adventures. Continue reading

Vino Roma v. Rimessa Roscioli

When you’re in Italy, it’s almost a given that some wine tasting needs to be done.  But with so many options, how do you choose?  Wine tastings can get pricey and they tend to be 2-3 hours long so it’s not ideal to choose more than a couple, unless you’re solely in Italy for that reason.

Two wine tastings that I found to be exceptional options are Vino Roma and Rimessa Roscioli.  Both of these tastings were very different from each other so I hope that I can do them both justice by describing the experiences that we had at each one. Continue reading

A Favorite of Florence

I was once told by a born and bred Roman that Florence was like the Disney World of Italy.  He told me that every branch of every tree was perfectly placed by God above.  Every street showed a beautiful glimpse of a countryside made for kings.  Of course, he said this with a scoff, as he was proud of his own simplistic Roman ways.  However a scoff was far from my reaction to this description.  My heart ached to visit such a place and I began to get that giddy feeling that one does right before visiting Disney World for the first time. Continue reading