Montreal: A Foodie’s Paradise

Montreal, Quebec may be known for it’s poutine, which is no doubt delicious, but it also has many other notable culinary delights!  While spending some time in Montreal, I believe that I’ve found some of their best restaurant gems!


Le Robin Square
520 Saint Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2Y9

Let’s just start off by talking about my absolute favorite Montreal restaurant.  When we walked inside, we immediately recognized a hip scene that exuded from the two-story, quaint place.  We were led upstairs to a high-top table by a friendly waitress.  As we started to talk to the waitstaff, we learned that the restaurant was family-owned and operated, with close family friends as servers and cooks.  In fact, we were informed that the owner/executive chef is only 22 years old!  The menu was small, yet everything on it sounded divine.  I ordered “Our Incredible Mac and Cheese” which was… well, INCREDIBLE!  It was unbelievably buttery and creamy and topped off with Christmas ham.  It was also accompanied with hot sauce that was available to mix in.  I was in mac and cheese heaven!  My husband ordered the Beef Sirloin that was also amazing (I only received one bite… he ate the rest in literally 3 minutes).  We concluded our meal with a Matcha Creme Brulee, topped with homemade chocolate.  YUM!

Le Boating Club
30 Blvd. Cure-Labelle
Vieux Sainte Rose, Quebec H7L 1M5



Classy and refined, yet calmly casual.  We started off with some mixed drinks that were a treasure to drink.  We ordered the charcuterie board, which was the kind of dish that you wish you could feast upon!  The cured meats were salty and savory, and the other accompaniments were just as tasty.  For my entree, I ordered the “Filet de Boeuf”, which had a creamy potato puree and perfectly seasoned green beans.  The beef was fork-tender and it pulled apart so nicely.  My husband ordered the horse (yes, you read that right).  He spoke very highly of it and said that it was amazing.  We both ordered individual desserts.  His resembled a keylime pie, while mine was more of a chocolate dream.  Thankfully my husband went to the restroom as dessert was being served, so I got to take a few spoonfuls of his while he wasn’t around!

1855 Steakhouse
2768 Blvd. Jacques-Cartier E
Longueuil, Quebec J4N 1P8

This was a true carnivorous treat for us!  1855 is a premium beef that this restaurant cooks perfectly.  We first ordered the Fromage Tartar.  The only thing that I can think to compare this to is Southern Pimento Cheese, and please bless my heart, this tartar was even better than pimento cheese!  Seriously, jaw-dropped!  We then proceeded to order different cuts of beef that were unbelievably tender and tasty.  We finished our meal with a creme brulee.  This was a dinner to remember!

443 Saint Francois Xavier Street
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2T1

Talk about a tasting menu to remember.  Below are the courses that I chose for this meal:
Course 1: Salad of mixed greens with pine nuts and Parmesan cheese
Course 2: Warm goat cheese and roasted almonds in filo dough
Course 3: Mushroom raviolis perfumed with fresh sage
Course 4: Pear and tarragon sorbet
Course 5: Beef filet mignon seasoned with peppercorns and cognac
Course 6: A symphony of homemade desserts
The atmosphere at Bonaparte was beautiful and welcoming.  Our Paris-trained waiter was beyond friendly, in the sweetest of ways.  We had a lovely time at this elegant restaurant and we loved all of the courses that we were served!


Regine Cafe
1840 Rue Beaubien E
Montreal, Quebec H2G 1LC

I absolutely loved the eclectic vibe of this restaurant.  The mismatched chairs and tables reflected the restaurant’s creative flair with their brunch dishes.  I started off my meal with hot chocolate.  I never expected to be served 3 petite pots of goodness: an empty mug with a cinnamon stick, chocolate, cream.  This allowed me to make my perfect hot chocolate concoction.  We started off with an appetizer that consisted of brioche bread and a banana jam.  It was quite heavenly!  I then ordered the grilled cheese which was tasty (yet I believe it could have benefited from more cheese).   The potato salad and fresh greens paired wonderfully with the sandwich.

St. Viateur Bagel & Cafe
1127 Mont-Royal Avenue E
Montreal, Quebec H2J 1X9
(Other locations available)

St. Viateur Bagels

This is a local Montreal bagel chain.  They had a wonderful selection of bagels and cream cheeses.  I chose a Sea Salt & Thyme bagel, which was so savory.  Opposed to New York bagels, Montreal bagels are thinner and oven-baked.  The flavors in the breakfast here made for a perfect combination in these sweet bagels.


Maison Christian Faure
355 Place Royale
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2V3

Maison Christian Faure

Walking into Maison Christian Faure was like walking into my own personal Candy Land.  The macaron flavors were plentiful and the other desserts on display looked perfectly made and assembled.  I had to practice some self-control as I only chose a couple items.  I settled with a few macarons and a strawberry/pistachio dessert.  I also ordered some Lov Rooibos Amande tea.  It paired perfectly with the sweet treats.


It’s worth mentioning that our favorite spots for poutine were La Banquise (open 24 hours) and at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (being served at the F1 race).  Below is from the race.

Grandstand 12 Poutine

Montreal, I have to admit, you did not disappoint one bit when it came to food.  In fact, the people of Montreal were some of the kindest we have ever met while traveling.  The city itself was beautiful and welcoming.  We look forward to returning soon!


Ruffles and Macarons

5 thoughts on “Montreal: A Foodie’s Paradise

  1. Absolutely love all the colours of food at least restaurants. I would love to visit and try them all out. Especially the Maison Christian Faure’s macarons. I will be following you on instagram also.

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  2. You are such a great blogger…

    Your words have acted like philter to me..
    Where now I am in love with your creativity..

    Keep up the good work..

    May God bless you and may you prosper a lot!!!❤❤


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