The Art of Macarons

I recently had the opportunity to take a macaron making class at Sur La Table in Boca Raton, Florida while visiting my aunt.  Since we do not have a Sur La Table in north Florida, I had no idea how amazing their cooking classes were, but I quickly found out that they’re really great!

I’ve made macarons at my house many times but I still had questions about some issues that kept reappearing while making them (sticking to the silicon, too thick of batter, etc.).  I was so excited to receive a professional lesson and it surely did not disappoint.


As we arrived, they had beautiful, warm pop-overs displayed for us to choose from.  And if that weren’t enough, they had an amazing strawberry butter to compliment it.  YUMMY!


We started off by watching our instructor make a batch.  She was extremely comprehensible as she gave instructions.  It was then our turn to make ours…

Batch #1: Strawberry Ganache Macarons
These were SO tasty and relatively easy to make.  I especially enjoyed learning how to make the ganache, which was much easier to make and work with than I imagined.

Batch #2: Honey Cardamom Macarons
These were hands-down my FAVORITE!!  Since making these, I have put cardamom in everything!!  This was such a beautiful combination of flavors!

This was such a fun class to take and I would highly recommend it for anyone that is living or visiting near a location that has a Sur La Table!  The macaron process can be a little fussy but it’s always worth it when you get to eat the finished product… even the mess-ups!

Note: Sur La Table is not a sponsor of this post.



Ruffles and Macarons

17 thoughts on “The Art of Macarons

  1. These look perfect! Macarons definitely have their challenges and are so hard to get right, I’m still working on it myself.

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  2. Lovely! I took a class here in Toulouse last Saturday, as well! Did you make them with French or Italian meringue? I’d tried to make mine before with a hand mixer, which I think was an issue & I stirred my sugar.

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    1. How cool – what a coincidence!! We made them with French meringue but I’d be interested in trying to make them with the Italian meringue. I think one of my biggest struggles with making them is the humidity in Florida – it makes it very difficult for them to dry before cooking. They taught us that a box fan does wonders so I’m looking forward to adding that to the process! 🙂

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