I’m Sold on Peruvian Food!

Llama Restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida is truly a gem!  The flavors of their foods are undeniably pleasing to the senses and their presentation of the meal is remarkably beautiful.  As each dish came out, I spent a solid minute noticing the fine details of every decorated piece of food on the plate.  As I bit into each bite, a wonderful sensation of modern comfort food spread within my body.  The flavors were unique, yet recognizable.  The food was plentiful, yet not heavy.  It was absolutely perfect.

Can we take a moment to swoon over this beautiful decor?


Our meal started off with some roasted nuts and plantains.  Since I was the last one to arrive to dinner, this complimentary starter was already half-way eaten, hence no picture of it.

After eating the tasty nuts, we decided to order the Papas, in which Llama describes as golden potato slices covered with a traditional Amarillo pepper and cheese Huancaina cream.  Yes, yes, and yes!!


After we had ordered our entrees, a delicious canape arrived to our table.  I do not have the exact description of this tasty treat but it was a carrot and ginger soup.  The delicate crouton on top was from an anise loaf that they made.  I could have feasted on an entire bowl of this soup.  It’s one of those dishes that you become heartbroken over once you finish it.


We all decided on different entrees, and I chose the Seco, in which they describe as The tenderness of beef slowly braised for hours, a touch of dark beer, yucca and cilantro, served Au Jus over canary beans and Jasmine rice.  This dish seriously tasted as good as it looks!  The beef shredded easily with the touch of a fork and the hints of cilantro tied this entire dish together.


Of course, after I had tasted the amazing, savory dishes that Llama had to offer, I knew that there was no way that I was going to walk out without dessert.  I ordered a deconstructed creme brulee, in which they spun the sugar to resemble a nest.  It was so aesthetic that I could barely eat it.  Have no worries though, I scarfed down the entire thing.  My husband and father each had their homemade rocoto pepper ice cream.  The combination of the coldness from the ice cream and the heat from the pepper was sublime.

The food at Llama was great, and the service certainly held true to that standard, as well.  Our waiter, George, was much more than a waiter.  He guided us through our Peruvian dining experience and made us feel as though we were in Peru.  He was highly knowledgeable about the food and culture, and had a great sense of humor to compliment those traits.

If you are in St. Augustine, I would highly recommend taking a trip to Llama.  They are opened for both lunch and dinner.

Llama Restaurant
415 Anastasia Blvd.
St. Augustine, Florida 32080


With a full smile and belly,


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