I’m Sold on Peruvian Food!

Llama Restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida is truly a gem!  The flavors of their foods are undeniably pleasing to the senses and their presentation of the meal is remarkably beautiful.  As each dish came out, I spent a solid minute noticing the fine details of every decorated piece of food on the plate.  As I bit into each bite, a wonderful sensation of modern comfort food spread within my body.  The flavors were unique, yet recognizable.  The food was plentiful, yet not heavy.  It was absolutely perfect. Continue reading

24 Hours in Savannah, Georgia

I have the great pleasure of only living 2.5 hours away from the beautiful Savannah, Georgia.  If you’ve never been, you’re truly missing out.  As your walk down the cobblestone streets, you can smell the sweet scent of Magnolias blooming on the trees that arch over you.  There are small shops and bakeries that line the street, which are almost impossible to walk by without taking a quick round through to see what they have to offer.  You can hear the sounds of laughter and enjoyment from those on a Paula Dean tour or those trying to pedal their way through town on the moving bar.  With so much to choose from, how do you pick just a few for a 24 hour trip to Savannah? Continue reading