Chicken Pad Thai

I didn’t grow up eating much Asian food so as an adult, I don’t particularly have a taste for it.  However, I married a man who is Asian and loves Asian food, so I’ve been determined to learn how to make a few good Asian meals.  Now obviously, the food differs across Asia, depending on what region you are in.  However, there are still some flavors that seem to appear often in many of their regional foods.  So please forgive me for this being slightly Americanized… it is, however, one of my husband’s favorite meals that I cook.  🙂 Continue reading

Bacon Dill Deviled Eggs

A few years ago, my husband and I were invited to an Easter party, in which everyone was asked to bring a dish to share.  Being the good, southern wife that I am, I whipped up some of my beloved deviled eggs and brought them to the party…. only to find that 6 other attendees had done the same!  I placed my eggs on the table with a hesitant laugh and whispered to my husband that I should have just made some tea sandwiches.  Come to find out, 30 minutes later, I strolled past the table and realized that the platter that I had placed my 48 egg halves on was completely empty!  It was at this moment that my deviled eggs truly became famous! Continue reading