A Wild Ride in Kentucky

Out of all the places in the world, Kentucky holds a special place in my heart.  The horses at Keeneland, the Hot Browns, and the delicious beers have a bit to do with this obsession.  But… my husband’s proposal to marry me is the cherry on this cake!  I’ll share these lovey-dovey pictures and then I’ll get on with my top 3 Bourbon distilleries. Continue reading

My Top 3 Restaurants in Rome

To choose only 3 restaurants for my “Best Of” list is extremely difficult.  I have been to so many restaurants in Rome that I have enjoyed and savored in true foodie fashion.  However, there have been 3 specific restaurants that have made me lovingly exclaim, “This is the best meal that I’ve ever had!”.  Hence, why they have made my top 3 list. Continue reading

A Favorite of Florence

I was once told by a born and bred Roman that Florence was like the Disney World of Italy.  He told me that every branch of every tree was perfectly placed by God above.  Every street showed a beautiful glimpse of a countryside made for kings.  Of course, he said this with a scoff, as he was proud of his own simplistic Roman ways.  However a scoff was far from my reaction to this description.  My heart ached to visit such a place and I began to get that giddy feeling that one does right before visiting Disney World for the first time. Continue reading